Wade Nolan has led a life of high adventure. His background as a biologist and talent as a writer/producer set the course for his journey in life.  After college he married and moved to Alaska where he worked in Denali National Park. Here he learned photography from some of the nations best wildlife photographers and launched his writing and television career.

Wade was mentored by an Athapaskan Indian missionary named Fred Mamaloff who opened the door to the Arctic and a rare opportunity to live and spend time with the Eskimos and Indians of Alaska's North Country. Wade later worked and lived north of the Arctic Circle for five years. The North Country intrigued him and called him deeper into the wilderness. Wade and his wife ran kayak expeditions down thousands miles of Arctic Rivers exploring wilderness that would one day become some of our nations most spectacular and remote National Parks. He also floated down 600 miles of the Yukon River filming and documenting Athapaskan Indian culture. There were years when Wade spent over 100 nights in a tent pitched in front of a campfire.

  In 82' Wade launched a company named, Alaska Wilderness Perspective Inc. "AWP inc.", and in 93' a DBA called Whitetail University. Nolan next moved into video and television production and produced over 130 wildlife/nature and hunting based videos featuring white-tailed deer, moose and brown bears. Nolan has conducted over 250 whitetail hunting seminars and his bowhunting streaming video clips are viewed by over 5-million hunters each year.

Nolan's productions have been broadcast worldwide on ABC, CBS, NBC and the BBC. He has sold an unprecedented and unparalleled 4 million videos/DVD’s that bear his mark and has won both national and international awards for his work.  Recently Nolan has done filming for National Geographic and the BBC Natural History Unit. He recently worked on an Alaska-Yukon Moose special with National Geographic TV.


“I believe that God has a plan for our lives and that it is our responsibility to read the job description. I also believe we are a sum total of Who we follow and lessons learned along the path we've walked.” James summed it up, "Be doers of the Word". Therefore, it is my job to share what I've learned. Speaking to men about Christ is clearly part of God's plan for my life”.
“When speaking, I meld my God given gift as a professional storyteller with the basic lessons and principals of Christianity. People recall and relate to compelling illustrations. It is one thing to lecture second-hand about something I’ve heard, but far more meaningful to relate what I’ve experienced. A strong proponent of "Life Application Christianity", I draw audiences into living stories and then firmly attach Christ centered truths that can be recalled years later. I boldly and clearly explain Gods plan of salvation."
“I always knew that God had a plan for my life. Only a few years ago I realized that my story was one God wanted me to tell. Not just about adventure, but about Him. Christ's story, framed by the many world-class adventures I've enjoyed. And more importantly I realized the profile of the audience God was preparing me to reach. My target was men seeking answers and direction. The answer I present is simply Christ. I’ve been privileged to speak in over 180 cities/churches of every denomination. I often do follow-up with a Sunday morning message.

Wade spends considerable time in both the Arctic and in Africa each year and has gathered true life and death stories that he shares in his speaking events. He divides his time between consulting for companies in the hunting industry and speaking in favor of Christ at church sponsored Wild Game Dinners.
At these speaking engagements, Wade reaches out and connects with guys who are outdoorsmen. The ones who are avid hunters and fisherman but do not often attend organized religious services. They find that Wade is a regular guy who brings Christ's clear message of hope in a down-to-earth manner. His true and dynamic personal adventures are stepping stones he uses to share Christ.