Wild Game Dinner

Reaching men with the message of Christ may be the single most challenging area of evangelism. The best way to connect with unchurched men is to meet them where they are. Wade Nolan's speaking ministry to "Real Men" is a perfect fit in today's world where most men satisfy their bent for adventure with a "remote or mouse". Nolan is an authentic adventurer and professional speaker who's life can be described as a blend of National Geographic explorer and Survivor man. Wade's "Life and Death" video supported stories are narratives that he uses to capture a man's attention and direct him toward Christ.



Whitetail Seminar

Nolan is also a biologist and whitetail professional who has published hundreds of articles and sold millions of DVD's that relate to whitetail hunting. He may be the most watched whitetail professional on the internet with his hunting video clips getting over 8 million views per year. Nolan's "Whitetail Strategies" seminars have been featured in over 200 cities. Whitetail deer are the foundation of hunting in North America. Wade's session on plugging into whitetail research shows hunters how to use the biology of whitetails to generate success. He uses this deer hunting dimension of his presentation to deliver solid "How-to " that builds trust in unchurched men.


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