Dangerous for Good
Men's Retreat

with Wade Nolan and Brent Henderson


“When a man knows who he is in Christ; that he is made in the image of God and is no longer held captive by others opinions...when he doesn't care if he lives or dies, he is now…extremely dangerous, not for bad... but "Dangerous for Good”.


An effective men's retreat can have significant and lasting effect on the men of your church. Wade Nolan and Brent Henderson have spoken to tens of thousands of men about applying the Word to their lives. These two men uniquely deliver relevant and solidly anchored truth plus a method that will allow a man to discover and access God's will...daily. They call it "Mastering the Mind Game". They will teach your men how to be, "Dangerous for Good".

Nolan and Henderson have teamed up to focus their energy on influencing men for Christ. Their combined talent is an unparalleled blend of communication skills and their uncommon life experience combines Brent's international notoriety as a professional musician and men's ministry pastor with Wade's unique ability as a speaker, storyteller and worldwide adventurer. Their God given gifts and talents complement each other well, and combined with the Truth of God’s Word are an unstoppable force in teaching men the truth about being a Christ follower in today's world.

Together they have over 20 years of experience with men's ministry and believe that men can be challenged and equipped for vibrant personal ministries. Their ministry not only empowers the believer, but also is a powerful tool in reaching the lost. Their "Seven Steps to Freedom” is the muscle behind the engine that drives this Truth message. The core of their teaching is based on applying Gods Word to life circumstances. It is rooted in "renewing your mind" through scripture by applying something called, T.E.A. This T.E.A. is a principal developed by Derek Wilder, author of the book “Minds on Fire” and “Freedom” that helps us transform our Thoughts, Emotions and Actions.


Life in the 21st century is moving at a mind blowing speed, and the blistering pace alone is often used by Satan to wear men down and edge them out of the battle. In short, today's men are "under attack", and the onslaught is relentless and sophisticated. What does an attack in this age look like? Do attacks all have common denominators? How do you confront an attack before the claws sink in? When Satan tempted Jesus he used power, flesh and significance... largely the same bait he uses to tempt us today. The plan is to be able to smell, hear or see an attack coming....then meet the attack with overwhelming force. Bush two called it "Shock and Awe".

In stark contrast to "churchy" discussions addressing a man's everyday challenges, Brent and Wade bring striking, honest examples of real attacks in this wilderness we live in. These riveting true attack stories will etch their way into the brains of men who listen. (Note: Wade has interviewed seven people who have had their head in a bear’s mouth, three who have been the object of leopard attacks, one lone lion attack survivor and a man who miraculously survived a vicious wolverine attack.)

Using the same strategy as Jesus, who used memorable relevant parables and anchored in them in "Truth", the unique video based material that they use is true, applicable and accurate. In that we are talking to men under attack, we use real "Life and Death" stories. It is absolutely essential that men are trained to face and enemy who is a trained killer, and will stop at nothing until he claims their life and the lives of their families.

By dissecting the attack strategy of clawed and fanged predators in real life we draw the parallel between spiritual and fleshly attacks. The similarities are spooky. Satan is a predator and was described by Peter in his letter 1:Peter 5:8 as, "prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." We can safeguard our entire family against devastating attacks by understanding Satan’s attack strategy and equipping ourselves to survive attacks.


Weekend Program

Our weekend program is video intensive and will burn "modern parables" into the minds of the men of your church turning them into warriors who can confront the 21st century attacks and lead our families and churches through the wilderness to safety.
We prefer to utilize a Friday night plus all day Saturday for our material. During this time we will conduct 7 transformational sessions. We prefer a woodsy setting where we can utilize a campfire for two sessions... one each night. Here are the titles of the sessions:

• Freedom from death or our circumstances
• Freedom from my past and future
• Freedom from the opinions of others
• Freedom from my performance and rules
• Freedom from being responsible to fix or control others
• Freedom from being used by God
• Freedom from getting my own way

The Sunday option:
Brent is a chart topping national recording artist and a dynamic worship leader and will provide additional support to the weekend with some masculine driven worship music. Wade's storytelling and National Geographic quality footage round out the message. If you’re interested, we believe a great way to finish the weekend is for the two of us to come speak to your congregation as there will be a number of men who couldn’t make the retreat. This transformational message is just as powerful to women, and they will be encouraged to see that your church is about building men into family leaders.