What they are saying


Wade was our Wild Game Dinner speaker in 2004 and was asked to come back in 2011… our 16th year. He is only the third speaker we invited to repeat over those years. Our event is held over two evenings, Friday and Saturday and is attended by approximately 1000 men. Wade was well received for his knowledge about hunting and his storytelling kept people spellbound. Most importantly was his testimony of how God impacted his life. Through that "story" almost 200 men either accepted Christ for the first time or rededicated their lives to Him. Praise the Lord for men like Wade Nolan.
- Glenn Ganoe - Immanuel Alliance Church, Mechanicsburg, PA



"Wade Nolan's presentation included fascinating stories and pictures, interwoven with a touch of humor, and concluded with a life-changing testimony, of the power of the gospel. More than 30 men made commitments to Christ and many others re-dedicated their life to Christ. I strongly recommend him to you!
- Pastor James Vandervort, Somerset Alliance Church



Your testimony during your later presentation served to draw the folks into you and when you turned the mirror on yourself...it did so for them also. In all, 33 people prayed with you and accepted Christ last night. What an outreach!
Joy serving Him with you!

- Dave McCall, Milford United Methodist Church



Wade Nolan mesmerizes a crowd with his stories, maintaining the respect of all in attendance.  His knowledge of bowhunting is appreciated by all American outdoors enthusiasts.  He further captures an audience’s attention by presenting exciting tales from of years of adventure in Africa and Alaska’s Arctic. 
Finally, when you think the program can’t get much better, God uses Wade to lead attendees to Christ.  His presentation really makes people think.   This is a program every church can use to reach people who might otherwise never darken the doorway of a Christian facility.  Wade’s first program at our church’s game dinner resulted in more than 50 new committals to Christ and another 28 re-dedications.  The Spirit moves through Wade!

- Jerry Bush, Outdoor Writer / Nature & Wildlife Photographer



Thank you for helping make last night's event a huge success. God was honored by your prayers, diligent work, and willingness to make new friends. From the responses on the cards that we received, it's evident that people in this area (and even beyond) thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are asking us to host another hunting clinic and wild game dinner in the future…and they've offered to donate venison, turkey, rabbit and even squirrel to make it happen!
- Bruce, Discovery Fellowship


I want to thank you for the wonderful evening we had last Saturday. I have had a chance to speak to a number of the men who attended your bowhunting seminar and then your keynote and the response was fantastic.
There were 49 men and boys in attendance who filled out their response cards that stated they prayed with you to accept Christ. Another 21 said they rededicated their lives. The challenge you presented to the men and boys hit home.
- Dan Aurand



Attendee Comments



"Very good event. Hope it becomes annual event."


"This was a rewarding event. I would attend events held like these again."


"Everything was great. I loved the stories."



"Tonight I prayed with Wade and I'm trying to put to put my trust in Christ."



"I really enjoyed myself and hope to come again."



"Thank you, this really helped me make some big decision."



"Good motivation & encouragement to continue with Christ."



"Wade you are someone I can relate to."



"This was my 1st time here, a great tool to win men for Christ."



"Hearing Wade tonight has helped me in my walk with Christ."



"I personally found you to be a very down to earth speaker who the men related to very well. No one expected you to stay around as long as you did after the event was over."